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Welcome to the Official Schedule for RightsCon 2019, the world’s leading summit on human rights in the digital age.

Together at RightsCon Tunis, our first summit hosted in the Middle East and North Africa, more than 2500 expert practitioners will come together across over 400 sessions to shape, contribute to, and drive forward the global agenda for the future of our human rights.

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avatar for Saber Elkhedhri

Saber Elkhedhri

Conference Interpreter
Thursday, June 13

9:00am BST

Delegated Repression: How do the Russian state forces private actors to censor and to surveil? Oya 1 (Laico) The Palestinian Cause for Digital Freedom Leptis (Laico) Do Moderators Dream of Electric Sheep? The potential for AI in regulating online content L'Escale (Laico) With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Keeping public sector algorithms accountable Carthage 1 (Laico) Feeding Trolls in the Marketplace of Ideas Biscay (Palais) Lightning Talks: What's in a name? Tracking terror and digital threats The BeeHive (Palais) Returning Protest to the People: A campaign to destigmatise protesters Village Stage (Laico) A multi-stakeholder dialogue on internet platforms, sexual content, and child protection Utique (Laico) Technology in Conflict: Assessing platform companies’ human rights responsibility and accountability in high-risk settings El Jem (Laico) Hope for Resilience: Shifting the narrative, advancing wellbeing Carthage 3 (Laico) Creative Ways to Support Diverse Tool Teams Hannibal (Laico) Granny & the Robots: Sex, violence and care - Why human rights matter Jelsa (Laico) One Size Fits All? Taking global human rights apps to scale for use in wildly different local contexts Elydhafa (Laico) The Feminist Digisec Network and the Importance of a Feminist Digital Security Carthage 2 (Laico) Developing a Digital Rights Model Law for Africa Amilcar (Laico) Law Enforcement and the Internet of Things Cyrene (Laico) Decolonising Cyberpolicy: Developing a Cyberpolicy Framework Relevant to the Global South Limes (Laico) How Do You Trust the Internet? Insights into users' perceptions of security and privacy, what they mean for the Internet, and how we all can help improve trust online. Celtic (Palais) One size does NOT fit all: Diverse threat models across North Africa call for more refined digital security training and tools Elyssa (Laico) How you can start using data analytics to grow your organizations impact and resources...tomorrow! Adean (Palais) Reverse-Engineering an RFP: Making Beneficiaries the Boss Dougga (Laico) Changing practices of internet manipulation Oya 3 (Laico) Connecting for Inclusion: The devil is in the detail! Caspian (Palais)

2:15pm BST

Who wants to be a terrorist? The radicalisation of free speech control through measures against terrorist content online Oya 2 (Laico) Artificial Benevolence: Updating informed consent in the age of AI Celtic (Palais) Before the ship sails on AI governance, let's talk about trade Cyrene (Laico) Violence and Harassment: Navigating the hazardous online world for women in North Africa Leptis (Laico) Indigenous Data Sovereignty: Of the people, by the people, for the people Caspian (Palais) It’s the business model, stupid! Targeted advertising and human rights Utique (Laico) #DigitalPolitik and the Internet's Warring States Period Carthage 2 (Laico) Collective Intelligence Approaches to Expanding Violations Monitoring in Conflict Zones Biscay (Palais) Landmark: The Business of Privacy – How to Profit from Protecting Personal Data The BeeHive (Palais) Putting Users First! The responsibility of tech SMEs in the Global South to respect human rights Carthage 3 (Laico) Transparency with Teeth: Making supply chain data work in the apparel industry Dougga (Laico) Solving the problem of vicarious trauma in open source investigations Hannibal (Laico) Beyond Dating Apps: LGBTQ people in other online platforms Oya 3 (Laico) Crossing the Border in the Cloud: A Latin American perspective on lawful access laws Amilcar (Laico) Callisto: Combating sexual assault through cryptography Jelsa (Laico) It Always Feels like Somebody's Watching You: The impact of U.S. foreign intelligence surveillance on journalists Village Stage (Laico) The humanitarian cybersecurity and privacy problem Oya 1 (Laico) Shaping Multilaterals: How civil society can influence and participate multilateral processes such as the UN or the WTO Elydhafa (Laico) Building Platforms That Open Governments and Their Watchdogs Elyssa (Laico) How to build civil society cross-expertise in response to disinformation Carthage 1 (Laico) Visual Investigations at the New York Times: Innovations in Truth Telling Adean (Palais) Warning! Access to the Internet Is Suspended for Security Reasons – A policy discussion on the effectiveness of Internet shutdowns L'Escale (Laico)

5:15pm BST