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Privacy and Surveillance and Individual Security [clear filter]
Wednesday, June 12


Privacy in Employer-Employee Relationships: The grey areas in workers’ rights to privacy protection and employers’ legitimate interests
The use of diverse technologies as a means to improve work conditions and increase productivity has been embraced steadily by various industries and sectors all over the world. This has transformed privacy boundaries in employer-employee relationships. The right to privacy admits certain limits or restrictions, particularly when obligations are assumed within a work relationship. But this cannot be considered an unrestricted excuse to invade the private sphere of employees or to treat their personal data inappropriately. There are many grey areas, especially when the working conditions are not clear and when neither employers nor employees know the scope of its functions. This panel will analyze challenges around these tensions, focusing on the opinions on processing personal data in the workplace issued by the European Data Protection Board, which provides a basis for reassessing the balance between the legitimate interests of employers and reasonable expectations of workers' privacy. Speakers will analyze to the criteria that both the European Court of Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights have used to determine the scope and limits of employers’ legitimate interests and whether these can be translated to different contexts and local legislation in countries like Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Perú.


Judith Mariscal

Centro de Investgacion y Docencia Economica

avatar for Renate Samson

Renate Samson

Senior Policy Advisor, Open Data Institute

Wednesday June 12, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Carthage 3 (Laico)


Help We Are Under Attack! A peek into the community of rapid responders
This interactive session is facilitated by a group of Rapid Responders that provide time critical support to at-risk organizations and individuals. Our organizations take a holistic approach to digital security. In order to effectively respond to Internet emergencies, all responses must encompass physical, legal, infrastructural, and emotional safety. Representatives from Access Now, the Digital Defenders Partnership, Front Line Defenders, Media Legal Defence Initiative and Greenhost will participate. There will be a short introduction, of the organizations, and in which we discuss briefly about the different ways of providing emergency support. Each organization will be seated in one section of the room, and attendees will have a chance to join the group of one organization. They will have a chance to ask questions about the organization and its work, as well as discuss in small groups. The first rotation will last 8 minutes. After rotation one, attendees will be able to move to the next table that interests them. There will be six rotations, so enough for all individuals to visit all the tables. At the end of the rotations, we will all join together again and have a short discussion, based on feedback from participants.

avatar for Meerim Ilyas

Meerim Ilyas

Deputy Head of Protection, Front Line Defenders
Protection for HRDs, gendered aspects of holistic security, LGBTI, feminist internet, intersectionality
avatar for Hapee de Groot

Hapee de Groot

Rapid Response, Greenhost
open source, rapid response, websites under attack, development of people and software, ict4d, drupal, linux, ubuntu, geek, opendata, security & greenhost

Wednesday June 12, 2019 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Carthage 2 (Laico)


Keeping students safe and free: creating a shared statement of concerns around social media surveillance in education
This session is intended to bring together experts, advocates, and other stakeholders to discuss a set of considerations and concerns arising out of the surveillance and monitoring of K-12 students on social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), through automated tools and individual monitoring. This document, which we expect to be able to share in advance of the conference, came out of a workshop the Brennan Center and the Center for Democracy and Technology co-hosted in the United States in February 2019. The workshop convened educators, experts in privacy, civil liberties, and civil rights, social media platform representatives, law enforcement, and school chief information officers to discuss social media monitoring and other tech-based school safety efforts. In this session, participants can expect to take part in a robust discussion about the draft statement of concerns and contribute to refining and expanding it. We will also provide a brief background on how social media monitoring of K-12 students currently operates. We especially welcome input from international and diverse perspectives, as well as input on how best to make the statement a useful, dynamic resource for stakeholders concerned about the expansion of surveillance into schools.

avatar for Rachel Levinson-Waldman

Rachel Levinson-Waldman

Senior Counsel, LNS Program, Brennan Center for Justice


Natasha Duarte

Policy Analyst, Center for Democracy & Technology

Wednesday June 12, 2019 3:45pm - 5:00pm
Limes (Laico)
Thursday, June 13


Threat Modeling for Activists in Latin America
This session will grab the current political context in Latin America from the perspective of democratic resilience and the situation of activists at risk. For this we will approach the issue/phenomena from cross-country experiences and the testimonials of activists. We will invite our guests to map together the emergent digital threats to targeted political and social activists. To do the mapping, we will use a threat modelling methodology that we designed and we use in our digital trainings. This tool will give us several insights that we later will grab to orient the discussion into into strategies to strengthen resilience capabilities in the light of the emergent threats. We will orient resilience in three ways: dig sec tactics, human rights and community strengthening.

avatar for Bruna Zanolli

Bruna Zanolli

Host Org Artigo 19 Brasil, Mozilla fellow
I'm a self-taught popular interest technologist in the area of ​​autonomous communications and infrastrutures with experience in deployment and maintenance of community networks, especially using LPFM radios and Wifi. I use principles of popular education and intersectional feminism... Read More →
avatar for Eduardo Carrillo

Eduardo Carrillo

Programme and Research Assistant, TEDIC
BA in International Relations interested in the intersections betweet politics, technology, privacy and access to information. Feminist in working progress

Thursday June 13, 2019 3:45pm - 5:00pm
Caspian (Palais)


Chill Out: Defining sustainable long term strategies for digital security success
"Digital security trainings" have become a fashionable subject at international conferences, and a service frequently requested by civil society organizations in a hope of quickly improving security outcomes . Despite training programs contributing digital security knowledge and consciousness,creating lasting change for most human rights defenders and civil society organizations takes a longer time and more effort than that. Each of our presenters has experience operating at the ground level with organizations and has developed methods to meet this challenge, offering holistic, longer term support that can be absorbed at the real pace of organizational change. We will share our different approaches from around the globe to "chilling out" in order to find readily achievable goals that build momentum and improve security outcomes over time, embedding digital security in the work of organizations rather than making digital security a task of its own. We will seek input from attendees on what practices they have seen be successful in their work and together in a small group format we will all co-develop some best practices for chilling out... and improving digital security one digestible bite of change at a time.

avatar for Iryna Chulivska

Iryna Chulivska

Digital Security Lab Ukraine


Poncelet ileleji

Board member, Net Freedom pioneers
avatar for Mykola Kostynyan

Mykola Kostynyan

Community Engagement Manager, AUDS project (Internews Europe)
Digital security, org security, audits, trainings, ToT, Ukrainewire: bezlimitchykSignal/WhatsApp: +380959104491
avatar for Stéphane Labarthe

Stéphane Labarthe

Expert in digital security and privacy, Fundación Karisma (Colombia)

Wieke Meilink

Coordinator Digital Integrity Fellowship, DDP, DDP

Jonah Sheridan

Information Ecology
Information Ecology, LLC, brings together social justice values and technical chops; our work is tempered by whole-systems sensibilities, rooted in years of alliance with grassroots and direct action organizations, forged in classrooms and datacenters, and enriched by time spent studying... Read More →

Thursday June 13, 2019 5:15pm - 6:30pm
Elyssa (Laico)