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Welcome to the Official Schedule for RightsCon 2019, the world’s leading summit on human rights in the digital age.

Together at RightsCon Tunis, our first summit hosted in the Middle East and North Africa, more than 2500 expert practitioners will come together across over 400 sessions to shape, contribute to, and drive forward the global agenda for the future of our human rights.

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Friday, June 14

7:30am BST

9:00am BST

Kunyamazisha: Gagging online free speech in Sub-Saharan Africa Celtic (Palais) Where will your values take AI? Co-designing a Moral Labyrinth (and taking one home!) Elyssa (Laico) Don't Stand So Close to Me: Curbing harassment in virtual reality and emergent media Adean (Palais) An Innovative Equation for Improved Local Governance: Behavioral sciences + digital tools = new meaningful civic spaces Leptis (Laico) Connected investigations: Building an adaptive ecosystem for human rights documentation Utique (Laico) How to Impact the Global Human Rights Agenda: Recommendations from the UN High-level Panel Carthage 1 (Laico) Knocking Out Impunity for Violence: Defending civic space in a time of conflict Carthage 2 (Laico) Online Dissidence in the Global South El Jem (Laico) Testing New Methods for Social Media Monitoring by Civic Groups in Elections Amilcar (Laico) Lightning Talks: Trends in transparent tracking Village Stage (Laico) The Tone from the Top: Setting responsible regulation for tech Cyrene (Laico) Hacking Digital Gender Norms Oya 1 (Laico) Freedom to Hack: Addressing legal threats to the computer security community Dougga (Laico) Landmark: Tracked - Pitfalls and Promises of Digital Identification Systems The BeeHive (Palais) You're Not Just a Pretty Face: Biometric surveillance has moved beyond face recognition - how do we stop it? Hannibal (Laico) The Dangers of Consuming Content (and other framing mistakes) Jelsa (Laico) Let's talk about local capacity, how to build, not kill Elydhafa (Laico) Broadcasting Peace During War: Yemeni community radios Oya 2 (Laico) Decolonization of the Web as a Means Towards an Effective Journalism Biscay (Palais) رؤية المجتمع للمدونين وصحافة المواطنة Oya 3 (Laico) Community Networks: Cooperation, regulation, and action Carthage 3 (Laico) Values-based Organizations: How can stories help us to create organizational values collectively and make them workable? Caspian (Palais) Democratising religious discourse through technology Limes (Laico)

10:30am BST

Striking the Right(s) Balance: ‘Open by default’ vs ‘privacy by design’? Biscay (Palais) Countering hate, preserving free expression Caspian (Palais) It's time for a bill of data rights Oya 1 (Laico) The Ghost in the Machine: Remedy for algorithmic discrimination Limes (Laico) Mapping the Response to ICT Facilitated Violence Against Women in Morocco and Tunisia: Grassroots-level action research Leptis (Laico) Moving Beyond the Problem: Pathways to meaningful consent online Elyssa (Laico) “Smart” Cities in the Global South: Should "smart" people trust them? Utique (Laico) Aligning cybercrime laws with international human rights standards Carthage 3 (Laico) Digital Standard Workshop: What is missing from Consumer Reports's framework for evaluating digital products? Carthage 2 (Laico) Enhancing Processes and Empowering People: Exploring the potential of new technologies in private remediation of business-related human rights abuse Cyrene (Laico) Platforms, free speech, and pluralism: Is there a role to play for media authorities? Adean (Palais) Sanctions, Bank-DeRisking, and the Squeeze on Human Rights: What is to be done? Elydhafa (Laico) More Than Words Can Say: Localization as a human rights issue Jelsa (Laico) Is Russian intelligence that intelligent? How to resist state-sponsored hacking Village Stage (Laico) Surveillance Tech and Oppressive Governments: Exploring cases of abuse and avenues for global cooperation going forward Carthage 1 (Laico) Disinformation and Our Deepest Beliefs: Are more radical measures needed? L'Escale (Laico) How Can We Help Quality Journalism in the MENA Region Be Viable? Celtic (Palais) Network Propaganda in a Comparative Perspective: a South-North dialogue about democracy, privacy and free speech Oya 3 (Laico) Supporting the #KeepItOn campaign with network measurement data Hannibal (Laico) Solve My Problem: Indigenous Data Sovereignty El Jem (Laico)

12:00pm BST

1:00pm BST

2:15pm BST

Refraction Networking: Deploying next-generation censorship circumvention Jelsa (Laico) Addressing Hate Speech Online: Recipes for a rights-based approach Celtic (Palais) SWOTing the Christchuch Call Carthage 1 (Laico) Tackling Terrorist Use of the Internet: A roadmap to holistic and human rights compliant solutions L'Escale (Laico) Protecting digital communities in democracies from the global reach of authoritarian countries Oya 1 (Laico) Voter Beware! Lessons from the ground Oya 3 (Laico) Corporate Transparency and Digital Rights: Perspectives from Iran and the Wider Middle East Elyssa (Laico) Tech Demos: Getting it rights(respecting) Elydhafa (Laico) Tech Policy, AI and Investment in the GCC: A path to digital development or digital dystopia? Carthage 3 (Laico) Where There Is Burnout There Is No Innovation: Managing stressors for a better physical and mental health Adean (Palais) Designing a More Inclusive Digital Economy Oya 2 (Laico) Lightning Talks: Building a Rights-Respecting Future – Innovative ways forward Village Stage (Laico) Doing Data Journalism Without Data: Against all odds, the "Yemeni Data Journalism Network" Leptis (Laico) Fact-checking Content Made by Users in the Age of Social Media and the Amount of Fake News in It Limes (Laico) Social Media, Mis/Disinformation, and Human Rights: Messages from Nations' Elections Biscay (Palais) Routes of Technology Production: Maps and narratives to build our collective future Hannibal (Laico) Widening the Spectrum: How can radio spectrum regulation advance community networks Carthage 2 (Laico)

4:00pm BST


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  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation and Algorithmic Accountability
  • Countering Online Harassment and Hate Speech and Violent Extremism
  • Data Trust and Protection and User Control
  • Democracy and Conflict and Shrinking Civic Spaces
  • Forging Alternative Models for Business and Human Rights
  • Individual and Organizational Wellness and Resiliency
  • Intersectionality on the Internet: Diversity and Representation
  • Justice and Jurisdiction and the Rule of Law
  • Lock and Key: Cybersecurity and Encryption
  • Main Events
  • Privacy and Surveillance and Individual Security
  • Show and Tell: Skill-building for Advocacy and Campaigning
  • Tech for Public Good: Open Government and Smart Cities
  • The Digital Disruption of Philanthropy
  • The Future of Media in the Age of Misinformation
  • The Impact of Technology on the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Turn It On and #KeepItOn: Connectivity and Shutdowns
  • (un)Censored: The Future of Expression