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Welcome to the Official Schedule for RightsCon 2019, the world’s leading summit on human rights in the digital age.

Together at RightsCon Tunis, our first summit hosted in the Middle East and North Africa, more than 2500 expert practitioners will come together across over 400 sessions to shape, contribute to, and drive forward the global agenda for the future of our human rights.

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Wednesday, June 12

7:30am BST

9:00am BST

AI Explainability, Explained Adean (Palais) Let's See the Evidence! Algorithmic decisions in real life - where and how are they used? El Jem (Laico) Building the First Global Perceptions of Gender and Online Violence Leptis (Laico) Lightning Talks: Tales of (un)lawful data protection Village Stage (Laico) Improving Cooperation to Advance Human Rights Online Amilcar (Laico) Measuring Respect for Human Rights – Using benchmarks to create a race to the top in the ICT sector Celtic (Palais) Responding to Mass Atrocities in the Digital Age: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Myanmar Hannibal (Laico) Tech Demos: Open (source) for business Caspian (Palais) Fat Futures: On Reimagining Flesh and Possibility Oya 3 (Laico) The big dataset in the sky: challenging geographies of discrimination Carthage 3 (Laico) Cloudy with a chance of cybernorms? Dougga (Laico) Combating Cybercrime Laws in the Middle East and North Africa Region Cyrene (Laico) When Two Rights Make a Wrong: Finding a way forward when competing rights fail to protect the most vulnerable in our society Elydhafa (Laico) Citizens or Users? Building the global resistance against platform monopolies Jelsa (Laico) Tech Demos: Mischief managed – measuring and mapping for human rights Limes (Laico) Smart Cities: Their future or yours? Carthage 1 (Laico) Big Tech and the Future of Journalism: Reinventing news and information in the age of Google and Facebook Oya 2 (Laico) Creating Shared Global Workflows for Social Media Monitoring Utique (Laico) Lightning Talks: Understanding and combating misinformation The BeeHive (Palais) Millimeter Waves, Small Cells, Beamforming, Oh My! Anticipating and addressing human rights impacts in a 5G environment Carthage 2 (Laico) The State of Internet Shutdowns in 2019 L'Escale (Laico)

10:30am BST

Making Civic Tech Work for Democracy: Lessons from Tunisia, Nigeria, and Taiwan Biscay (Palais) Developing New Models for Censorship: The cases of the Russian RuNet, the Great Firewall of China, and Iran’s Filternet Limes (Laico) Beyond the Hype: AI innovation and human rights in the telecoms sector Oya 1 (Laico) Machine Learning 101 for Human Rights Activists: Everything you wanted to know about machine learning but were afraid to ask Hannibal (Laico) Change the Terms: Approaches for addressing a new era of hate online Carthage 1 (Laico) Global State of Data Protection Carthage 3 (Laico) Enabling Digital Civic Space: A Conversation with UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, Clement Voule Caspian (Palais) Hey, That’s My Vote! The Emerging Science of Digital Election Observation L'Escale (Laico) Seeing through the rubble: using crowdsourcing, data and field work to investigate civilian deaths in Raqqa, Syria Village Stage (Laico) Terrorist online content regulations in Europe and beyond: changing the platform liability paradigm? Leptis (Laico) There's No Party Like a CryptoParty? Oya 3 (Laico) 2018 Human Rights Heroes Awards The BeeHive (Palais) Defense Against the Dark Arts: Meme Campaigns and Propaganda Elydhafa (Laico) From Call to Action: Visions for a Contract for the Web Carthage 2 (Laico) Protecting the Integrity of the Global Information Space Celtic (Palais) Public Broadcasting in the Age of Censorship Cyrene (Laico) Working it out - journalism in the digital area : why we need an international pledge for Information and Democracy now more than ever Jelsa (Laico) Unlocking the Potential for Digital Technology to Enable Human Rights Adean (Palais) Making Regulatory Waves: A discussion on the need for collaborative spectrum management policy development Oya 2 (Laico) Solve My Problem: Indigenous Data Sovereignty El Jem (Laico)

12:00pm BST

1:00pm BST

2:15pm BST

Authoritarianism killed radio stars Biscay (Palais) Future Proof: Imagining a tech positive future Hannibal (Laico) Ending Impunity for Online Violence Against Women in Politics Elydhafa (Laico) Are we seriously going to trade away our privacy like cars, rice, or bananas? Carthage 3 (Laico) Data Trust Models in the Digital Era: A public, private and people matter Celtic (Palais) 20 Years Since the Human Rights Defenders Declaration was Adopted at the UN, Over 150 HRDs Got Together in Paris to Celebrate Achievements, Discuss Current Challenges and Devise an Action Plan Cyrene (Laico) Fighting for Human Rights and Democracy in the Digital World: New tools, new actors – How to be more efficient? Village Stage (Laico) Securing a Line of Connectivity in War-torn Yemen: Shutdowns, blocking, and action Oya 3 (Laico) A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed: Building on the first public statements by business and civil society on business protection of civic freedoms Jelsa (Laico) Busting Out of the Echo Chamber: an inclusive approach to build diverse online communities and generate constructive conversations between polarized youth Carthage 2 (Laico) Indigenous Community Meetup Limes (Laico) Internet Regulation - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: A model for regulatory effectiveness Oya 1 (Laico) Outcomes of the 3rd Global Conference of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network and Presentation of the Internet & Jurisdiction Global Status Report Adean (Palais) Strategically Litigating Internet Shutdowns and Cybercrime Laws in Africa: Reflecting on steps taken and the road ahead Oya 2 (Laico) Government Hacking: Corporate Resistance or Assistance? Utique (Laico) Fundraising in the Post-Election Era: How to respond to unpredictable events and prepare for them in the future. Carthage 1 (Laico) Landmark: Philanthropy in the 21st Century The BeeHive (Palais) Strategic Litigation against Network Shutdowns-Successes and Challenges Leptis (Laico) What role for regulators in the digital era? Caspian (Palais)

3:45pm BST

Engaging Citizens at Scale in Restrictive Environments Village Stage (Laico) The Future of Human Rights in the Governance of Artificial Intelligence Carthage 1 (Laico) Collective Solutions for Catalyzing Change to Address Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence: An interactive workshop Carthage 2 (Laico) A Warrant for Your DNA: What the Golden State Killer, Police, and Genetic Testing Services Share in Common Oya 1 (Laico) Tracker versus Trackee: The chasm between individuals’ understanding of online tracking and the real data collection (and processing) power of trackers and what can be done to bridge the divide Oya 2 (Laico) International Protocol for Open Source Investigations Amilcar (Laico) How Tech Firms Enable Human Rights Violations in Palestine Jelsa (Laico) Lookie Here: The good, the bad, and the ugly of location services Cyrene (Laico) Tracking Takedown Transparency Today and Tomorrow: Lessons learned and next steps for the emerging practice of transparency reporting on content moderation Dougga (Laico) Sustainable Practices Workshop - Sharing What Works Biscay (Palais) Hacking Hackathons with a feminist perspective Adean (Palais) This is Not Legal Advice: How lawyers navigate troubled waters and keep the NGO afloat Utique (Laico) Cyber Harm, Let's Avoid It: Building cybersecurity capacity that protects human rights El Jem (Laico) From Crypto-wars to Crypto-Peace: How do we improve encryption policy in the real world? Hannibal (Laico) Getting a Handle on Facial Recognition Tech Elyssa (Laico) Keeping students safe and free: creating a shared statement of concerns around social media surveillance in education Limes (Laico) Landmark: The Global State of Surveillance Tech - In Conversation with UN Special Rapporteurs The BeeHive (Palais) Bridge the Gap: Bringing Your Case to the U.N. Caspian (Palais) Votek: e-Governance solution for participatory democracy Leptis (Laico) "Data Driven" Foreign Aid and "Digital Development" Strategies: Are we disrupting disenfranchisement - or scaling It? L'Escale (Laico) Prepare Don't Panic: Strategize a human rights-based response to deepfake technologies, synthetic media, and increasing volumes of visual misinformation Elydhafa (Laico) From Failure to Hockeystick Growth - Human Centered Design and Lean Start-Up to Scale Social Impact Celtic (Palais) Improving the Net: Applying UNESCO’s internet universality R.O.A.M indicators for evidence-based policy-making Carthage 3 (Laico) Network Disruptions in Times of Conflict: Strategies for circumvention and resistance Oya 3 (Laico)

5:15pm BST

Empowering the Next Generation of Digital Citizens: A continued push for progress Elyssa (Laico) Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) Open Forum Leptis (Laico) Lightning Talks: The cost of speaking up – defending freedom of expression The BeeHive (Palais) Multistakeholder Models of Content Moderation: A global perspective Carthage 2 (Laico) My Rights, My Internet: Understanding global sentiment towards life online Jelsa (Laico) Tumblr, Porn, Sex Work and Queer Lives on a Healthy Internet: What happens when a platform decides to kill communities? L'Escale (Laico) Who Has Your Back? Censorship Edition 2019 Launch Amilcar (Laico) Using Machine Learning for Human Rights Carthage 1 (Laico) Biometric Technologies and Data as Tools for the ‘Responsible’ and ‘Proper’ Identification of Terrorists: A human rights inventory El Jem (Laico) Free Speech Or Hate Speech: Should Online Due Diligence Change? Celtic (Palais) The Incomplete Guide to Harassment Campaigns; Focusing on Harassment Outside of the Global North Limes (Laico) Data, Technology, and the Global Gender Gap Carthage 3 (Laico) Is Open-Source Your Unicorn? Dialogue on the sustainability, data security, and ethics of human rights apps Biscay (Palais) If you keep suggesting blockchain, I swear to God I will f—ing scream Oya 1 (Laico) Indian elections, disinformation, and the state of Indian Social Media Cyrene (Laico) What(went)'sApp at the Brazilian elections? Oya 3 (Laico) Responsible Investing 101: Investor action on human rights in the digital era Village Stage (Laico) Cyber warfare and defense in a tumultuous Middle East Dougga (Laico) Tiplines Today Elydhafa (Laico) Combating Fake News: Exploring approaches for protecting the messenger and the message Caspian (Palais) Media Loves Tech - Digital solutions for viable journalism in Tunisia Adean (Palais) Catalyzing Sustainable Development: Youth, peace, security and ICTs Hannibal (Laico) Climate change under construction: an environmentally sustainable Internet Oya 2 (Laico) Digital Cooperation, Solved? Assessing the UN High Level Panel Utique (Laico)

6:45pm BST

9:00pm BST


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  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation and Algorithmic Accountability
  • Countering Online Harassment and Hate Speech and Violent Extremism
  • Data Trust and Protection and User Control
  • Democracy and Conflict and Shrinking Civic Spaces
  • Forging Alternative Models for Business and Human Rights
  • Individual and Organizational Wellness and Resiliency
  • Intersectionality on the Internet: Diversity and Representation
  • Justice and Jurisdiction and the Rule of Law
  • Lock and Key: Cybersecurity and Encryption
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  • Privacy and Surveillance and Individual Security
  • Show and Tell: Skill-building for Advocacy and Campaigning
  • Tech for Public Good: Open Government and Smart Cities
  • The Digital Disruption of Philanthropy
  • The Future of Media in the Age of Misinformation
  • The Impact of Technology on the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Turn It On and #KeepItOn: Connectivity and Shutdowns
  • (un)Censored: The Future of Expression